(Job Description as of 3.26.18)


Position Overview: The Director of Youth Ministries (DYM) should first and foremost have a great love for Jesus Christ our Savior. The DYM shall have appropriate training, skills, and experience to support related ministry teams in planning, organizing, and implementing youth ministries here at Central UMC. The employee shall be able to articulate a call to Christian ministry and commitment to encouraging lay leadership to embrace their own call to Christ's Church in ways that inform and strengthen Central UMC as an intergenerational community of faith. The DYM will report directly to the Senior Pastor.

Work Schedule: The DYM is considered to be a part-time position serving the youth of our community and church in the following ways;

Youth Ministry Responsibilities

  1. Develop and provide oversight of a Youth Ministry Team to recruit leaders, plan, and implement youth ministries in the areas of discipleship, fellowship, worship, and mission.
  2. In cooperation with lay volunteers, provide opportunities for Youth Discipleship such as, but not limited to; youth Sunday school, small group bible studies for boys and/or girls, confirmation class, mentorships, etc.
  3. In cooperation with lay volunteers, provide opportunities for Youth Fellowship and Intentional Relational Ministry with youth such as, but not limited to, lock-ins, Christian concerts, sports/games, movie nights, Sunday youth group (UMYF), visit schools and youth sports/afterschool programs as permitted, coordinate efforts for youth to attend a week at summer camp (ex: Camp Tekoa), spend time building relationships with youth and their parents, etc.  
  4. In cooperation with lay volunteers, provide opportunities for Youth Mission such as, but not limited to, summer mission trip (ex: Carolina Cross Connection), international mission trip, monthly service projects, etc.
  5. In cooperation with the Children’s Ministry Director, guide the Church Council in the implementation of the Safe Sanctuaries program to ensure the safety and protection of all children who participate in activities. (Western N.C. Conference mandated)
  6. Provide Leadership Training opportunities for youth ministry volunteers. The DYM would invest in a ministry first of “connection” not just “direction.” The DYM shall lead, delegate, and support church leaders and ministry teams.
  7. Work in coordination with our Pastor(s), church staff, and lay leadership to provide Discipleship opportunities for youth such as; the following: Sunday School, new member development, seasonal ministry opportunities, Sunday night youth group, etc.
  8. Share in worship planning as needed or desired.
  9. Share in occasional pastoral care coverage and be on call as needed when the minister is unavailable.

Budget: Participate in annual budget preparation to determine current and future needs. Oversee Youth ministry spending and make recommendations to the Pastor and Finance committee as needed.



  1. 3-5 years of experience in a similar role, with the ability to grow into a role that could involve coordinating a large number of laity and programs.
  2. A willingness to incorporate multiple-generations into the life of the church.
  3. The ability to play a musical instrument and/or to lead youth praise music is preferred.
  4. Ability to communicate well, utilizing strong verbal, written, computer, and social media skills, with a strong emphasis in communicating and personally relating with teenagers, their peers, and their parents.
  5. Bachelors’ degree in Christian education, ministry, or equivalent experience.
  6. Keep abreast of current youth ministry trends of the United Methodist Church by attending conferences and workshops (as funds allow), and by attending other local church ministries as schedule allows.

I understand the responsibilities as outlined in this document serve as a guideline, but that they are not necessarily all-inclusive of the responsibilities of this position.

COMPENSATION: based on experience