Prayer GardenThe Prayer Garden at Central United Methodist Church was planned and installed by the Pacesetters Sunday School Class to memorialize their teacher, Pat Gwyn Woltz, after her untimely death.  It is dedicated to the Glory of God and is offered as a spot of beauty and respite to all who wish to praise God in celebration, or seek His comfort in times of sorrow or hurt.  

Pat Gwyn Woltz taught the Pacesetters Sunday School Class for many years.  She was, in fact, a Sunday School teacher her entire adult life:  teaching first the children and youth of Central before she “graduated” to the Pacesetters.  Pat was involved in every facet of church life and a valued leader in our church, having served as chairperson of the Board of Trustees and president of the United Methodist Women.  She was a huge supporter of Boy Scout troop 596, and raised four Eagle Scouts of her own.  She shard her financial support, her time and energy, and her considerable artistic talent to make Central a stronger church.  Her generosity extended far beyond Central’s walls when she served on the boards of the Methodist Children’s Home, Surry community College, and the Greater Mount Airy Salvation Army.  She offered hands-on aid to many and inspired the Pacesetters through her kindness to the less fortunate at Christmas and throughout the year.

Pat loved her country, it’s flag, and rich history.  She loved the earth; she loved to plant and tend and reap and preserve beauty.  Pat loved her flowers; she loved peonies most of all.

Even with all of Pat’s accomplishments and talents, she was a humble person and never sought the spotlight for herself. She always gave God the glory, in all aspects of her life.  That is why the garden is given to the Glory of God, in Pat’s memory. Learn more about the garden.

Dedication Stone