Central United Methodist Church, Mount Airy, is a beautiful building with beautiful grounds. Of course, we all know it is much more than this. Our church is many things to many people. At various appropriate times, it is a place for Sunday worship, Sunday school, Christian education for children, youth, and adults, day care for our community’s children, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Vacation Bible School, AA, Al-Anon, regular and special music programs, and much more. In addition, our church provides outreach ministry to those who are sick, bereaved, impoverished, shut in, or otherwise in need of empathy and compassion. Our generous gifts enable us to maintain our church and all of its many worthwhile programs.

Perhaps most important of all, we need to remember that for each of us, I AM THE CHURCH, YOU ARE THE CHURCH, WE ARE THE CHURCH TOGETHER. Please continue to contribute generously to support our beautiful church and all of its wonderful programs.


Bob Smith, Stewardship Chairperson